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Liteology has spent an excessive amount of time vetting manufacturers through field testing and 25 years of industry experience.  There is a huge difference in quality of fixtures and we only use the highest quality available in the marketplace.  We are proud to distribute three brands of outdoor lighting.   Our premier line is DG Lights.  They are a US Based LED outdoor Lighting company and manufacture their products here in the United States.  Our second line is Amp Lighting which is a fantastic brand with some of the best warranties in the industry.  Our third line is Lifetime Lighting Solutions which is a fantastic brand designed by one of the industry pioneers.


About AMP Lighting

AMP® Lighting designs, manufactures and distributes the most advanced and durable products on the market. Our focus is supporting the success of lighting professionals and their customers.

We serve professionals in many ways – easy ordering, fast shipping, hassle-free warranty protection, and providing them with uniquely effective sales and marketing tools. With AMP® Lighting, professionals can be more successful, more efficient, and have more freedom to paint the perfect picture™ with precision and control.


About DG Lights

Since 2004 DG Lights has been a pioneer and leader in innovative LED landscape lighting solutions. Our mission has been to revolutionize the landscape lighting industry by introducing the benefits of longer life, energy conservation and sustainability through the use of LED technology.

While many firms have recently introduced LED alternatives to their traditional halogen products, our engineers were among the first to introduce luminaires specifically for LED Technology, and it shows: in our innovative designs, attention to detail, and unmatched record of reliability.


About Lifetime Lighting Solutions

Lifetime Lighting Solutions was founded by Nate Mullins a legend in the outdoor lighting Industry.  Nate originally founded Unique Lighting in 1995 and it quickly became the industry leader with 20 patents leading the way.  Nate sold the company to Toro in 2011 and after a few years of innovating again he has created another industry leading company that is on the cutting edge of technology.

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