LED Yard Light Design Tampa

Does it make sense to say goodbye to halogen, fluorescent, and other lighting technologies for the LED yard light design in Tamps? LEDs swept the current market because they offer several benefits over their alternatives. LED lights save 190 terawatts of electricity annually, which equates to $15 billion. It is only convenient for you to alternate your existing bulbs with our low priced LED suggestions.

How do the LED lights differ from other options?

  • The outdoor LED lighting is different from the following key features:

  • They have smaller light sources with a mix of colors such as blue, red, or green.

  • LED lights emit light in a predestined direction and therefore reduce the need for diffusers and reflectors like uplights

  • These lights emit very little heat, whereas incandescent lamps have a 90% heat emission as part of the energy.

  • The lights offer a savings of 75% in electricity.

Benefits of LED yard lights

Energy efficiency

LED bulbs are better for an outdoor space that needs an extended lighting duration. They can aim the light in a specific direction or all directions while maintaining the same energy efficiency. The directional lighting capacity reduces energy waste because one can manage how much coverage they need instead of a spherical light direction that uses too much electricity.

Extended service

LED light bulbs use 50% less electricity than traditional lighting options. They are less likely to burn out or fail because they tolerate less current. Quality LEDs in your yard should last at least 50,000 hours. This lighting option is, therefore, better if you want to keep your lights on for a couple of days if you are not home to control the switch.

Cold temperatures

LED bulbs work well in frigid temperatures, unlike the regular incandescent lights. Contrastingly, they have better performance with drops in temperature. They are, therefore, excellent for refrigerated display cases, parking lots, signage displays, and winter-time landscaping projects.


LEDs are resistant to breakage and mainly vibrations and other mechanical impacts. Instead of working behind a glass or quartz mounting, they work on a circuit board with soldered leads that are resistant to direct physical impact. You, therefore, have the assurance of better performance in areas with strong winds.

Easy operation

An LED yard light design in Tampa is effortless in operation and rarely has instances of emitting only a percentage of the full light and do not need restrikes. The setup is advantageous because you can switch on the lights very early in the morning or the dead of a winter night without a doubt of the performance.  

LED lights are also easier to dim because they can shift from full brightness to a 10% brightness with smoothness and ease, instead of noticeable tiers.

Light does a lot more than brighten our landscape. You can combine the intelligent power of today’s technology with a smart design and installation service for sustainable solutions. Explore all the possibilities of LED yard lights with Liteology’s technician, so we can help you solve the problem of unstable lighting and inconvenient lighting mechanisms.