Landscape Lighting Tampa

A popular form of outdoor landscape lighting in Tampa is to mount the fixture on the exterior of the wall. Ideally, outdoor lights should be visible on the street but not clear from a couple of miles away. You should want adequate lighting to navigate the dark and guide your guests as they drive into an unfamiliar driveway. These helpful tips guide us in choosing the best landscape lighting in Tampa:

  • Settle for the larger sized and eye level fixture when you do not know the exact dimensions

  • Create a focal point on entryways like doors and garage doors using the right-sized lamps

  • The lighting should appear to be half of its size from across the street.

  • Test the most compatible size using cardboard of the same size before making a purchase

Technical ways of choosing the right lighting size

A simple guideline is the right way of introducing you to the lighting sizes of landscape lighting. We can, however, make the job easy for you because we have twenty-five years if installing residential and commercial lights. Liteology can quickly determine which size matches the size of your home, distance from the street, and the landscape decoration.

Doorway lights

The fixtures should be a third or quarter of the door. It is only smart to choose bigger lights when the entryway is big. Most doorway lights are at least six inches from the doorframe, and 60 inches from the floor. This eye-level fixture illuminates the necessary space you should study while trying to open the door.



Lights by the garage should not be more than a quarter of the garage opening size. The installation upstages the entry while making an independent and impressive statement.

The goal of garage lights is to illuminate the entire garage area while shining the light outwards. The typical garage of eight feet wide may use a twenty-inch lighting shade or two lights on both ends. The shade directs the light on the entry. The lighting should be at least six inches above the garage opening to spread the right amount of light throughout the opening.


The lights on the driveway should be a quarter of the height of the fence or mounting pole. The lights are best at a 6.5 feet height above the ground. Hanging a pendant on the driveway is a game-changing strategy that instantly improves the curb appeal. Naturally, we install landscape lighting in Tampa at a hidden level alongside both ends of the driveway to highlight the ground without overwhelming your eyes.

Outdoor table

Lighting an outdoor dining table is difficult because many factors can alter the lighting n different seasons of the year. It is recommendable to use two-thirds of the table’s width, or two smaller ones for a more extended table. The best height for a changing table lighting is at least 30 to 34 inches above the surface.

Choosing the right size is not usually a simple DIY task, because one should ensure the lights have the right watts and rating. Some fixtures should be able to tolerate a wet environment while maintaining an extended lifespan. Contact us for a free lighting demo, an instant survey, and installation services.