Landscape Lighting Pasco County


As the leaves fall and weather cools, you begin to worry about keeping leaves and debris away from your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways. The landscape maintenance experts may not tell you that you need to contain a technician who can check the lighting system to prepare for the harsher weather. Providing care to your lighting system should be a top priority if you want to retain the lights’ brightness and function until the warmer season.

Benefits of maintaining landscape lighting in Pasco County

Prolonged investment

Purchasing a lighting landscaping service is investing in the home. You should be able to provide lighting to your home with minimal downtime and defects on lighting sensitive areas like the walkways, sidewalk, and driveway. The landscape maintenance crew helps you protect the investment to prevent expensive repair and replacement of parts.

Prolonged safety

A well-maintained lighting system keeps your home safe because you can effectively protect your house from intruders at all times of the night or day. The landscape system is useful in limiting hazards from weather issues like hailstorms that instigate injuries.

How a professional can maintain your landscape lighting

Hide exposed damaged cables

Cables can have damaged functionality when they peek through the ground or wall. These cases are common when pets of kids run through the yard, or harsh weather and high-traffic usage exposes shallow wiring. Rebury all exposed wires to avoid damage that could fry your entire lighting system.

Fixing the fixtures

Check each landscape lighting fixture for dented metal, broken metals and corrosion to other features. The professional can quickly diagnose a faulty electrical system to replace fixtures that will serve the most prolonged duration.

Replacing the bulbs

Homeowners that choose LED landscape lighting can virtually negate all the common issues that affect a substandard lighting system. The newer style of bulbs may only require annual checkups to prevent corrosion and buildup that slows electrical defects.

Remove obstructing debris, branches, and plants.

The first preventative measure of landscape lighting is cutting back shrubs, trees, and plants that block light or interfere with the wiring. We will clear the obstructions in the face of lighting fixtures and advise on other maintenance tasks that allow proper illumination. A professional light maintenance technician will also remove dirt, mud, leaves, and dead insects from the bulbs and the lighting spaces.

Brush off the lights

LED lights maintain a tolerable cold temperature, while halogen lights can quickly melt away a snowfall. LED systems, therefore, need constant brushing to remove the accumulation. We will have to change the gasket or O ring before installing a new lamp.

Are you up for a little outdoor lighting maintenance? You should schedule a maintenance scheme every quarterly or bi-annually. The exact frequency depends on the condition of the lighting system and the specifics of the lamps. Fill out our contact form to schedule our maintenance service. You can detail the specifics of your landscape lighting maintenance in Pasco County or wait for our technician to profile the best maintenance and repair service.