Landscape Lighting Manatee County

Landscaping lights enable you to continue enjoying your outdoor space even when it becomes dark outside. The lighting can make your yard more dramatic with strategically-placed outdoor washes and spotlights highlighting your best water features, plants, among other aspects.

At Liteology, we know which landscaping lights work best where. If you need landscape lighting in Manatee County, we've got you covered. We have a wide range of lighting designs and ideas that include unobtrusive lighting, which discreetly illuminates while making your landscape the center of attention.

Tips for Outdoor Lighting

When done right, outdoor lighting can light up your layout beautifully, even when the sun sets. Here are tips for getting the best out of your lighting.

  • Plan First

It’s not interesting to have a grand plan only to be disappointed because you discovered your ideas couldn't work in your space, or it's not what you really wanted. As such, you should consider which area you frequently use and what you use it for either for your own enjoyment or entertaining. All these will help you decide how to illuminate your outdoor space best. You will know if you need more than one type of lighting if the lights have to be on all the time, and how bright they'll need to be.

  • Outdoor Circuits and Transformers

You need to consider where your circuit begins. The closer the lights are to a transformer, the brighter they will be. The trick is to have at least 100 watts on every line. That way, the circuit won’t be overloaded. That said, it’s best to get a transformer with more output than you require, in case you need to add more lights later.

  • Include the Basic Types of Lighting

Ensure you incorporate the essential types of lighting, which are: accent, ambient, and task. To achieve accent lighting, you can use spotlights. For task lighting, security, and pathway lights can work. Ambient lighting includes wall and post lights.

  • Energy Saving

Many people have the notion that outdoor lights can put a dent on their energy bills. However, there is energy-saving landscape lighting. Investigate the various kinds of lighting that conserve energy, such as those that use solar panels. Also, LED lighting uses less energy compared to traditional bulbs, besides they're hardy, thus requiring fewer replacements.

  • Less is More

Your yard shouldn’t be illuminated like a sports game. Landscape lighting should be subtle enough to highlight your trees and plants, show where your property is, and light up paths. That’s why you need the right lights for your outdoor space. There’s a variety of lighting for almost anything you wish to illuminate to achieve intriguing lighting.

Landscaping Lighting for Every Style

Whether your yard boasts of an ultra-modern design or has a traditional theme, you can be sure that we have landscape lighting in Manatee County to suit your every need. And if you love the advantages of energy conservation, we have an assortment of lighting that are energy-efficient. Let us transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. To get started, give us a call today on 239- 555-1212.