Landscape Lighting Hillsborough County

Have you spent money and time creating a backyard that makes you want to sit in the sun all day as you enjoy the landscaping? You may find that the space looks big enough for you but not quite so for a gathering. A few practical reasons can help you animate the textures, colors, trees, and architecture to create the appeal of a larger space.

One way is by accenting the lights to illuminate spacey areas and highlight critical features naturally. Liteology can work with many different lights to expand the backyard, such as the following:

  • Outdoor porch lights

  • Motion floodlights

  • Barn lights

  • String lights

  • Dark sky outdoor lights

  • Weather resistance lights

  • Ceiling lights

  • Hanging lights

  • Post lights

  • Outdoor lamps

How landscape lighting in Hillsborough County can enlarge your space

Lay the decking

Creating diagonal paths in the compound creates the illusion of a space that is larger. We can work with your landscaping architect to create a diagonal or curved pathway that winds around to enlarge the space. The same concept applies to a deck that will appear larger with diagonal string lights on the pavers.

Colored entry lights

The right bright colors near the entry attract focus and cause the eyes to recede the remaining space naturally. Warm colors like yellow, red, and orange create excitement in the focal point, while cool tones of the color blue, purple, and pink trigger and emotional response that intensifies one concentration. Installing cool tones on edges and brighter ones on the inside expand the inner space.

Install multiple light levels

Adding layers to the small space means one creates the illusion of a sunken or elevated space. Therefore, our job is to place the lights on raised planters or sunken patios to highlight the difference in height across the yard.

Use distant views

Traditional Japanese gardens had genius ways of using scenic views to compliment the backyard. While having a backyard view of the Canyon is grand enough, it is more genius to include color tones that look like the nearest extension of the Canyon. The lighting architect may, therefore, use light to highlight these colors and textures within your home. The effect is a yard that is seemingly bleeding into the far distance.

Highlight plants

The plant’s texture is critical in creating an effect of the yard’s size. Typically, highlighting tall tropical trees and big leaves with small lighting fixtures will make your small yard feel like a more substantial area with a tremendous beachy effect.

Trees make for a great lighting opportunity because they have a unique texture in the home. One can add lights to the distant beds to automatically push the boundary of the compound.  Plants with small leaves are less visually attractive because they do not reflect the right amount of light.

Liteology is the perfect lighting landscaping company for our experience in working on the tallest trees and the most artistic shrubs. You can view our gallery of previous projects and request a demonstration that fits your home’s space. Contact us if you want to revolutionize your home atmosphere with landscape lighting in Hillsborough county at a reasonable budget.