Home Exterior Lighting Tampa

The difference between a grim-looking outdoor and a warm, inviting atmosphere at night depends on the lighting fixtures in your home. You should want strong lights that can illuminate the darkest nights, without blinding your neighbors and the streets. Home exterior lighting in Tampa needs strategic planning for different areas, such as the porch, driveway, or yard. The exterior lighting should not be an afterthought or intimidating when you use these tips as a checklist while working with our technician.

Tips on choosing outdoor lighting

Ensure the lighting has the following three types of light for the perfect surrounding:

  • Accent – Different colors will look natural and magical in the various color schemes of your home

  • Ambiance – The effect is achievable with post lights, hanging lights and wall lights

  • Task – The different areas of your home need different lighting fixtures, such as the pathway or garden

Choose the fixture

We will observe and measure your space to find the perfect positions and sizes of lighting fixtures. We also look at different angles of the home to decide the most strategic lighting for the patio, garden, pathway, garage, and the periphery. A complete walkthrough in the house will reveal the following:

  • Will the existing lighting work well with the new light fixtures?

  • Which fixtures should you replace for different functions and styles?

  • Can we eliminate all the dark spots?

  • How can we highlight key features like the waterfall?

Pathway and entry

The most important entries to consider as the front door, side door, garage, and the gate of the compound. Each lighting should allow navigation to the subsequent entry, such as driveway lighting.

Outdoor living

Outdoor living spaces like the kitchenette, lounge, and swimming pool must have enough light to allow maximum visibility. We leverage all different kinds of lighting so that the dining area is not blindingly bright, whereas the cooking area has enough light for the best experience.

The color of the outdoor living space is also influential in determining the amount of light to use. Light colors reflect light, while dark colors are absorbent. Therefore, colors of tiles and the pool liner will guide the home exterior lighting in Tampa so that the water does not look like a dull pond.


Sensitive security spots should have added layers of lighting. We may install brighter lights on windows, garage, side door, and extra eaves at significant entry points.

Light containment

Do you enjoy the interfering invasive light from your neighbor’s compound? The most important factors to consider are the light’s trajectory and their anchoring on the intended target.

The best lighting alongside your home should direct light towards the ground instead of the sky or environment. A skilled technician can also use a Dark Sky compliant fixture to reduce light pollution and minimize glare.

All these lighting conditions need variably differing lighting fixtures. Our job is to make your home safe, attractive, and outstanding in your neighborhood. Liteology is available to study your home and give a free lighting demonstration. Call us to enjoy our 25-year experience from the award-winning staff who will work on your home with passionate commitment.